VIDEO: Guarded Optimism Around the Outlook for CRE Finance

As commercial real estate moves through the first quarter of 2024, “I feel that there’s cautious optimism,” Adam S. Finkel, co-founder and managing partner, Tower Capital, told Connect CRE. In the second of two videos from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s recent Commercial/Multifamily Finance Convention & Expo in San Diego, Finkel and other industry experts addressed the overall outlook for CRE finance, and their predictions were mainly positive.

However, Finkel predicted that the first half of 2024 won’t see as many deals as usual since there is still price discovery to be worked through. The second half will yield more transactions, “especially going into 2025.”

In the year prior, “the whole industry had to deal with a value reset given where rates moved and how quickly,” said David Sotolov, managing director, real estate investments, AllianceBernstein. “In general, I think the industry is doing fairly well with it,” although “it’s not easy.”

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